veils/vestiges: the aesthetics of hidden things

A montage of text, song, live action and introspective musings, veils/vestiges explores the body as a mysterious and complex dwelling place that houses our expanding lungs and beating heart, the nuances of our dream life and the remembrances of our past. The various texts include excerpts by 17th. century physician William Harvey, philosopher Henri Bergson and other intrepid explorers of human anatomy, consciousness and the cosmos. The ensemble invites the audience to inhabit installations that encourage moments of intimate reverie and to participate in simple games of chance that contribute to the unfolding events each evening.

veils/vestiges: the aesthetics of hidden things was first presented at the Noh Space in San Francisco in the summer of 2004. In August 2005 a newly imagined version was presented at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater in New York.